Beatriz Cunha
Born in Lisbon in 1959
Studied History at the New University of Lisbon, UNL
and Contemporary Jewellery at Ar.Co - Art School, Lisbon.
Though her beginning was Contemporary Jewellery in the eighties,
in the 1990s she turned her attention to sculptural work.
In the course of independent studies, she developed her characteristic way of seeing art as a continuous process of exploration and experimentation and artistic education as an integral part of her life as an artist and as a citizen of the world, connected simultaneously to her roots and a wider universal culture.
She’s a Member of the Fine Arts National Society-SNBA and the Portuguese Authors Society-SPA.

Solo Exhibitions
2016 “Ephemeral Reliquaries at the Holy Spirit Convent ”, Loulé
2015 “Ephemeral Reliquaries” SNBA - Fine Arts National Society, Lisbon
2010 “Sculpture” Cultural Centre Olga Cadaval, Sintra
2007 “Feel”, V.F. Xira Municipal Gallery, Palace Quinta da Piedade
2006 “Biotope” Abrantes Municipal Gallery
2005 “Sonhos e Mitos” (Myths and dreams), Municipal Museum of Alcochete
2004 “Bio Morphs”, Arruda dos Vinhos Municipal Gallery.
2003   Sintra Regional Museum
2002   D’ Arte Gallery, Justice Ministry, Lisbon
2001 “Fantastic Beasts and other Dreams”, Gallery CTT
2001 “Relationship 2”, Gallery Contacto Directo
2000 “Paleo Mater”, Culture House, Mêda
1999 “The Future of Myths”, CTT Gallery
1998 “Fertilities”, Ofícios do tempo Gallery
1997 “Shapes and metals”, Cor Pura Gallery

Public Art
“Dialogue” Loures
“Roof ridge bird” Porto de Mós
“Titan’s heart”, Sintra
“Uro”, Urban Park, Azambuja
“Solar Mast”, Vila Viçosa
“Alauda”, Cotovia, Sesimbra
“Ubertas”, Parque Natural de Alto Tajo, Spain
“Eolithos”, Vila Sol, Quarteira

2013 “Per Petram” Porto de Mós
          “o bairro i o mundo”, Loures
2010 Live Sculpture, Azambuja
2008 International Sculpture Symposium, Vila Viçosa
2007 1st International Live Sculpture Symposium of Sesimbra
2007 1st exteriors Festival of Spain, Tajo´s Natural Park, Spain
2006 1st Stone Symposium of Vila sol, Quarteira, Algarve

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017 XIX International Art Biennial of Vila Nova de Cerveira
          Room X - Exhibition Hall of the Campus of Ponte Vedra, Spain
2016 Encounters with Public Art - Year II, Abadias park, Figueira da Foz
2015 XVIII International Art Biennial of Vila Nova de Cerveira
2014 “Arte Hoje” (Art Today) National Fine Arts Society, Lisbon
         “Open Air Sculpture 2014”, Artur Bual Gallery, Amadora.
         “5th Essence - Internacional Contemporary Art exhibition”, Batalha Monestery.
2013 “Open Air Sculpture 2013”, Municipal Library Fernando Piteira Santos
          “Per Petram” Porto de Mós Castle
          “Sintra Public Art X”, Sintra
2012   Finissage, Sculpture.Factory, Pêro-Pinheiro, Sintra
          “Pássaro de Fogo”, Gustavo Pinto Lopes Municipal Library, Torres Novas
          “Open Air Sculpture 2012”, Municipal Library Fernando Piteira Santos
           Reloaded - Sculpture.Factory, Pêro-Pinheiro, Sintra
           Colective Sculpture exhibition, Macedo de Cavaleiros Cultural Center
2011 “Sintra Public Art VIII”, Sintra
2011 “Inward Outward”, Medical Doctors Guild, Lisbon
2010 “Passiflora”, Malaposta, Odivelas
2009 “Open Gallery”, Jorge Vieira’s Museum , Beja
          “Women’s International Day”, Justice Ministry, Lisbon
2008   Free Sculpture, Quinta do Conventinho, Loures
2007 “Sintra Public Art IV”, Sintra
          “Free Sculpture 2007”, Sinçães Park, Famalicão.
2006 “Arte na Planície”, Montemor-o-Novo.
2005  5th Award Amadeu de Souza-Cardoso, Amarante;
          II Biennial of arts, Mafra;
          Sculpture exhibition, Orient Foundation, Macao.
2004  “Art ground”, Ministry of Finance, Lisbon
         “The frailty of beings”, Gallery 4montras, Viseu.                
2003 “Drawing and sculpture, by Portuguese speaking artists” Municipal Gallery   
          XIII Galeria Aberta 2003, Jorge Vieira Museum, Beja
2002 “2002 Art Movement”, Gallery MAC, Lisbon.
2001 “Transitions – 25th of April - retrospective”, INDEG Business School ISCTE
2000 “Water and Fire”, Lisbon’s Patriarchal water Reserve
1999 “Forty Women”, Martins Correia Museum, Golegã
1998 “Bacus dreams”, Old Wine Cellars, Bucelas
1997  III Edinfor sculpture Award, Art Gallery Casino Estoril.
1996 “Metals”, Culture workshop, Culture House, Almada.

Artist Statement
The Creation of my recent work is based on  a broad concept of what a reliquary may be.
Symbolically embodying the past, they are transfigured into containers of relics to be preserved for future memory. Common objects that become something else and yet remain themselves, as they continue to participate in the surrounding cosmic environment.
They are not material remains of dead things; rather they are a dream, a memory, an idea, what I keep in these reliquaries.
On these endangered feelings, ideas and values ​​ that will gradually pass to ephemeral memories in a near future, I propose that the space they occupy is sacred, one that involves an eruption of the sacred in the world, their construction or manufacturing is modelled on an intimate cosmogony, thus expressing the ineffable feeling of impermanence, before the passage of time in my own life and the potential loss that it entails, but also at the accelerated decline of the values ​​of human life in a modern society, so strongly desecrated.